November 19th & 20th Collection release


Every part of my day is busy and noisy.

My studio is the only place just for me.

It's where I can give myself freedom to create without ceasing.
While painting this collection I sat in silence.

No musical distraction from Alexa, story from Audiable or wise podcast.

My soul needed quiet. Stillness.
In the silence my mind was able to wonder,

experiment and most of all aimlessly create.
This collection reminds me that when you sit in quiet stillness,

your mind can soar to the most creative places of your soul.

I learned that the quiet is sometimes just what I need to grow.

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"I absolutely loved the piece of artwork I purchased the moment I saw it posted! And It brings me joy each time I look at it in my home. Samantha’s art pieces are works of heart"-Angela L.

"I cannot say enough about walking through this process with Samantha. This boss babe has stepped out in faith to pursue her God given talents and it’s evident through her art and careful consideration of her clients. She brought my vision to life and customized a piece that would work perfectly in our space. Thanks Samantha for making our master bedroom update complete."- Autumn B.

"Inspiring art. Heart art!" Emilie L.

"I love the piece I received and look forward to obtaining more!"- Danielle T.

"Samantha’s art is absolutely beautiful and one of a kind. And her personality goes right with it. Ask her about her story.

It is sweet❤️"-Jennifer L.

"I can not recommend Samantha or her art more highly! She is supremely talented and an even kinder person. We absolutely love her simple yet striking art in our home." Alex C.

"I bought my first two pieces of Samantha's art at The Big Easel about two years ago. The colors are so soft and serene, perfect for our Bay home in Mississippi. When I saw she was selling her work at Judice Art Collective, I knew I had to look for a piece for my daughter in law for christmas. She is an interior designer in Baton Rouge and is always searching for beautiful artwork to put in clients' homes. She absolutly loved the piece I selected for her and fell in love with sweet Samantha as well. While taking my daughter in law to Pink Paisley, I found another amazing vase that I had to have!" -Donna H.

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