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Hello and Welcome!

    My name is Samantha Hebert, artist and creator. Growing up I said that I wanted to be an artist the same way kids say they want to be an astronaut. I dressed up like an artist for Halloween and took art classes in middle and high school. I never saw anyone with a job as an artist, so when it came time to decide on a career, being an artist never seemed like a real option for me.

   I received my degree in early childhood education from ULL Fall of  2006 and taught K, 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade a total of 8 years. After the loss of our second child, I stopped teaching in 2015 due to stress, anxiety and depression.  Teaching full time became too much for me mentally and my doctors felt that I shouldn't go back into the classroom.

   Fast forward to Spring of 2018, I was a busy SAHM to two boys and wife to a fantastic husband. While driving one morning, my son asked from the backseat, "What did you want to be when you were 5?" "An artist" I replied. "Well, why aren't you?" he asked. I didn't have a good answer. I told my husband about the idea of painting as a new career and he said "Go for it!" After everything I'd been through, I wasn't scared to try something new that could bring me joy to my soul. That is exactly what this careers has given!

   My first paintings sold to friends and family, then to a local Youngsville boutique. Painting soon turned into a full-time art career and daily therapeutic outlet. When I feel too overwhelmed, frustrated or anxious, I now go into my studio, turn up music and paint. Through painting I can feel the tightness in my chest loosen, my thoughts become clearer and the feelings of panic fade. When I complete a painting that I really like, I feel proud of how far I have come mentally and spiritually. Podcast host Cathy Heller says, "the opposite of depression is purpose."  I believe that now more than ever. God, family, and using my art as a testimony is my purpose.

   My medium is painting with alcohol ink, isopropyl alcohol and air on synthetic paper.

   My art has found homes from Georgia to California and all the way to Belgium! 

     I plan to expand to more boutiques, galleries and artisan markets. I also plan to use my voice to bring awareness to the importance of seeking help for all mental illness. Awareness saves lives. 

Feel free to contact me about anything!

Thank you for visiting my site.

Stay tuned!